St Mary's Junior Sailing Club
St Mary's Junior Sailing Club

New Building
Going Going .......

The last boats leave the creek

The boats in storage.

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Our Premises - front hut was erected in 1954 and is showing it's age. Sunday 23rd August 2009 first time in over 50 years there isn't a boat on the site The final Outing of 2009
Preparations for the new roof supplied by the Hadley Group Large boat shed with roof off during it's replacement If you wonder why we want a new building ...Circa 1954 wood and no foundations

The final tether has been cut

Under the Floor that was added in 2002 lie the original foundations The wooden foundations, on a positive they did last 55 years
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How the Black Hut Looked in the 60's before the windows were blocked up The view across the creek windows kept getting broken so they were covered over Small window which faced Clayhall road
May have lasted 50 years but one man and some hand tools.....
Last of the Base being broken up Spoil hill getting higher New foundations taking shape
Base for concrete foundations laid on far building View across site 20th September Final Prep before First Layer of concrete
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First layer of concrete ready for Steel work Steel work for base Rain doesn't stop the work
Details of the club, it's history, sponsors and photos have been left under the foundations Concrete pour on small of the bases 6 lorries in total were used to fill the foundations
Nearly there ..... Darkness sets in at the end of a long day but he bases are there. New bases ready for bricks to be layed
Buildings are now higher so have ramps in front of doors This photo shows where the four doors will be Water Pipe is now fed through into new foundations and fitted with a new stop cock.
Inside of smaller Building prior to roof going on Plywood being put on roof View of smaller building across horse field
Walls of larger building going up Inside of larger building View of both buildings across horse field
Roof on larger building being constructed Roof on smaller building finished Just the roof on main building to fit
The guys from Stable Company Area by seat levelled and steps put in to side door Finally all ours